Sunday, January 29, 2006

Evolution Devoid of Intelligent Design

Evolution Devoid of Intelligence - Pun Intended

Does anyone remember the promise of science in the 1950's and 1960's, especially in our grade school and high school years?

"2-3 day work week, loads of leisure time, clean unlimited cheap energy, amazing speed and freedom of movement in transportation, health and medical miracles available to all........................................"

The Manifestation of "The Promise": Overworked, underpaid, underinsured, vacation deprived, out of work, stuck like a pig in traffic nightmares, choking with pollution, gas prices soaring off the charts, and in dumbed down bliss, totally unaware of the coming Resource Wars - Nuke assisted, and Gaia responding to the ecological imbalance with Her own Power and Might...............................................

Neither human evolution nor the required energy evolution can proceed when freedom changes to freedumb - the natural outcome of a scientific equation, E=MC2, celebrating 100 years of petrified, stagnant bliss, thereby becoming a lethal peril, a clear and present danger to civilization's survival.

The Freedumb Blog: Stranger than Strange: Strangely Quiet Centenary
The Joker's Blog: Illusions - Where the Past, Present and Future Meet in the historical, cyclic "rise and fall" of civilizations - stagnating on the scientific tripod past the point of no return, "dammed if you do and dammed if you don't".

The scientific tripod: physical, mental, and spiritual SCIENCES with a central common core.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Evolution With Intelligent Design

Cold Fusion

Evolution With Intelligence -Pun Intended (Intelligent Design)

The shift towards evolution (individually and collectively) with unprecedented prosperity, creativity, leisure and sustainability may readily be attained through conscious intention supported by our windows to reality, the scientific & technological foundations stretching the limits of our scientific boundaries and capabilities.

In that sense, any essential gap missing or restricted in the sciences, in the natural progress of intelligence and awareness, can pose a lethal threat of unimaginable proportions.

Of worthy note, instinct was the primary mover of evolution prior to conscious intelligence. At a certain level, intelligence through conscious 'will' & intention, over-ride instinct and take the reins toward human evolutionary choice and direction. High degrees of physical skill and training permit the mergers of conscious intention back with unconscious instinct in ever expansive degrees, leading towards 'peak performances' and self actualization tendencies. These realms of psychological "consciousness and unconsciousness" studies and interactions, will be shown to have a direct link to the theorized "Zero Point" energy state.

Our delusion of separate entities of space, time, mass, matter, energy and fields will have to end. The world is no longer flat. E=MC2 must come out of kindergarten.

Presentations exploring the background case for core, scientifically fundamental "hidden variables", (be it by intelligent design or default), disconnecting relativity and quantum theories follow.

Flash Presentation: Gold at the end of the rainbow: JACKPOT

A Power Point Slide Show (allow macros - >1 min dl time DSL - click slides for next - keep mouse pointer out of flash box) LIFE CHOICES


The single science of Evolution,
Intelligent Design, Creationism and Survival

Defined by E=MC2

Updating the 100 year old petrified definition of that awesome equation, E=MC2, is a survival, evolutionary requirement towards:

  • Dissolving the fundamental incompatibility of relativity and quantum
  • Providing the energy needs of evolving lifestyles and economies
  • Permitting a core scientific and intrinsic insight into the nature of humanities own evolutionary path
  • The only solution to avoid "adapting"' to the coming global warming devastation combined with "smart nuclear surgical" Resource Wars.

Seeing both the trees and the forest is a survival parameter of evolving awareness and consciousness. The past belief in a flat earth, caused by limited horizons and boundaries is the same affliction attached to the current E=MC2 definition and applications

We will expand our scientific definitions, horizons, boundaries, and our points of view to viewing points, or our civilization will join the fables of Atlantis, Lemuria, and MU.