Sunday, March 19, 2006

Extinction or Emergence of Something New

Extinction or Emergence of Something New

There is a line being drawn in the sand:

Life Evolution Freedom or FreeDumb Death Extinction

The death trap, the line of critical mass is the stagnant E=MC2 equation holding back required new energy systems whose expanded energy concepts tie-in directly to a comprehensive view of progressive evolutionary stages in living systems. The trivializing recent media interpretations of ongoing observed human evolution as "skin pigment color variations over a millennium" is blatantly insufficient to guide humanity through pending evolutionary survival hurdles.

Why Understanding is a critical component of survival - a down and dirty definition:

  • Knowledge/Intelligence - a garage full of tools
  • Wisdom - the ability to use the tools
  • Understanding - knowing the "uses" to which our creations shall be put to insure long term survival and sustainability
  • For disbelievers - the nightmare transportation clogs, price gouging, white collar slave sweatshops with the constant push to increasing worker productivity, employee reduction, downsizing and mergers IS NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT SCIENCE PROMISED - NOR COMPREHENDING FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY

Barbara Marx Hubbard writes "As systems breakdown and old thought forms reveal their inadequacy to heal or solve the massive and mounting problems we are facing, the evolutionary perspective, and most particularly "evolutionary spirituality," is breaking through. I believe that we are now collectively launching the Evolutionary Human Potential Movement. We are not aiming at fixing the old system or improving ourselves in the old model. We are literally being pressed from within by the impulse of evolution to give birth to a new, more universal human, and a culture that can sustain and draw forth the potential of humanity in alignment with nature and spirit".

While Barbara Marx Hubbard and others in the evolutionary sphere of influence are well meaning, failure to prioritize science freedom releasing the stranglehold on E=MC2 will doom civilization to extinction. The disconnect between relativity and quantum lie solely in the mathematical misinterpretations of E=MC2 leading to bizarre theories obstructing the extended qualities of the equation to come forward.

The touted "Macro Theories" have failed miserably to come up with common denominators connecting and integrating the dissected sectors of the sciences: Chemical, Electrical, Biological, Atomic, and Nuclear Energy relationships and interactions; the misguided definitions in components of reality - space, time, mass, matter, energy, gravity - with their TOTAL interdependence and visual illusions and variations created when viewed through the "Radius of Curvature" from the micro through to the macro have yet to be acknowledged.

And so continues the quagmire and quicksand grasping the Holy Grail of modern physics, in the theory of "quantum gravity" - a theory attempting to combine two seemingly opposed pillars of modern science, general relativity and quantum theory, towards a 'theory of everything", using bits and pieces of a three roads model derived from string theory, quantum loop theory and independent studies.

Leading to Sir Roger Penrose's "...there is at least one glaring omission in present physical theory. This is how small-scale quantum processes can add up, for large and complicated systems, to the almost classical behavior of macroscopic bodies. Indeed, it is not just an omission but an actual fundamental inconsistency, sometimes referred to as the measurement paradox (or Schrodinger's cat). In my view, until this paradox is resolved we must necessarily remain very far from a physical theory of everything - whether or not such a theory exists."

Suggested reading: The Future of the Body - Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature, by Michael Murphy, Co-founder of Esalen Institute

For those heavy into "repeat after me" non-thought-out 'ol time religion memorization verses of biblical Christianity, what would Moses do regarding contemporary glittering trinket and trivia idolatry? Christianity's Master Teacher, "I am the Way....." means what? Sinning on weekdays and being forgiven in one hour on Sundays? Or was His Life a demonstration of the evolutionary human path given by so-called miracles of increasingly energy intensive stages of comprehension and utilization? (review previous post link " The Possible Human")