Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Brain of the Firm

How Greed, Wall Street's God, changed everything. Suppress the science on psycho-sociopaths (anal retentive) behavior, and ignore this primitive - me, all mine - stage of development and History's Rise and Fall gives us the results and outcomes
Stafford Beer (September 1926 -London |August 2002-Toronto-Canada)
Was a leader in the development of operational research, who combined management systems with cybernetics. From the publication of his first book, Cybernetics And Management 
(1959), a systems approach to the management of organisations was his central concern. In this he built on the foundations of cybernetics laid down by Norbert Wiener, Ross Ashby, and his mentor Warren McCulloch. A series of four books based on his Viable System Model were published during the 1970s, of which The Brain Of The Firm is the most celebrated.

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