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Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream program

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream program
Requires the Understanding of Energy, The Science of Light, the expanded edition of E=MC2, comprising the Universal factor - The radius of Curvature of All Natural Law ....... whose definition, the Quantity C, equates to the properties of Light. Evolution can only proceed in the context of what  is real; distortion, suppression in the sciences create deadly barriers and Alice in Wonderland pseudo scenarios which cripple progress toward healthy, prosperous and sustainable Evolution

"The Universe Story" This is an excerpt of a film written by Neal Rogin and Drew Dellinger. It is based on the book, "The Universe Story" by cultural historian Thomas Berry and Cosmologist Brian Swimme. The film was developed under the auspices of The Pachamama Alliance as a part of their Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream program. For more information on the film, take a look at the Awakening Universe web site.(Less)

On Dead Canaries and Flying Pigs
Transforming the Dreamer Workshop

Dear friend:

I am almost always reluctant to send out another message about the looming challenges and recurring bad news we face in trying to create a peaceful, sustainable and just future on Earth. This time it feels different because of the urgency of the situation, and a new opportunity we have to do something about it. My good friend and fellow "elder" Terry Tillman and I will be hosting a new educational experiment in social activism and transformational education here at Montesueños next month and we hope you can join us.

Derrick Jensen, whose works you may have read, is a radical environmental author (e.g., "Endgame") whose passion for nature I deeply resonate with. I agree with him that humanity has gone way too far in its short-sighted rampage, and we'll need a paradigm shift away from the greed and violence that keeps us away from true sustainability.

But we can't get there if we collectively keep going in the direction we're taking. Jensen clearly sees half the picture--the environmental mandate to change our ways. But because of our ignorance, the other half is more elusive yet very much achievable--how can we extricate ourselves from the mess some of us in power have created and begin a new system of governance and innovation?

To those ends, I've recently co-founded the Global Innovation Alliance, which will be researching, developing and integrating truly sustainable technologies that could replace our dirty energy and other unsavory practices worldwide. I've also recently been appointed as U.N. director for Ecuador affairs in renewable energy, which will hopefully help us convert from oil here.

From decades of study and experimenting, I'm convinced that socially responsible, economically viable and radically clean innovation will help us find the way out of our mess and soon. The only thing holding us back is our ignorance and apathy. We see the dead canaries everywhere--the oil spills, rampant pollution, climate change, deforestation, wars, etc. But if we only look up, we can also begin to see flying pigs coaxing us to look outside the box for our solutions.

Ecuador is full of dead canaries--for example, the Chevron-Texaco oil spill in the Amazon which is bigger than the Exxon-Valdez spill, the leasing of oil and mining leases all over the rain forest, and the threats to Yasuni National Park, one of the the most pristine, bio diverse habitats for wildlife and indigenous nations. We also have some flying pigs here: a new Constitution that uniquely provides for the rights of nature and of the indigenous nations, and the invitation to the international community to match funds with Ecuador in terms of potential lost revenues to keep the oil in the ground in the Yasuni-ITT block.

The unprecedented workshop Terry and I will be facilitating will educate, awaken and activate ourselves into being the true agents for change, a potential which is inside each of us. This isn't just another workshop in personal growth. This time, after thirty years, Terry and I reunite to teach a one-of-a-kind motivating experience for us all.

That's why I hope you and/or your friends will consider coming here March 19-23 to take part in what should be both a wake-up-call and celebration of our individual and collective transformation.

Terry's (very compelling) read on this is posted on < >

All the best,  Brian

Changing the Dream of the Modern World

Changing the Dream of the Modern World
Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium.
Requires the Understanding of Energy, The Science of Light, the expanded edition of E=MC2, comprising the Universal factor - The radius of Curvature of All Natural Law ....... whose definition, the Quantity C, equates to the properties of Light. Evolution can only proceed in the context of what is real; distortion, suppression in the sciences create deadly barriers and Alice in Wonderland pseudo scenarios which cripple progress toward healthy, prosperous and sustainable Evolution

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Trailer from Pachamama Alliance on Vimeo.

Dead Canaries and Flying Pigs

This is for the part of you that looks around and sees broken systems, red flags and dying canaries. And is worried and anxious about taking care of yourself, your family and your future.

This is for the contributor, server, host, adventurer, dreamer, pioneer, explorer, scout, and seeker in you.

For the part of you that knows there is a higher service you can bestow, yet hasn't quite found what that is to align with or how to give it.

This for the altruistic higher self in you that knows the giving and serving are their own reward.

This is for those of you who have children, and possibly grandchildren, and find a visceral concern about the legacy and conditions we may be leaving them.

And this is for those of you who experience frustration, and even anger, and are tiring enough of the outside and inside negativity to want to contribute something positive--to yourself, as well as others, the planet and the future.

My most successful best friend Dave frequently says to me, "Terry, I still don't have a job." So, this is for those who know that work can be play and fun, or for those who what to experience and learn that.

And this is for those of you who don't have the time or money to make all this a career (as well of those who might), yet want to DO SOMETHING!!

I'm one of those.

We've chosen to move beyond my concern, complaining, criticism and upset and move my focus to service, solution and positive possibility in those areas that are my levels of concern.

How about you?

I'm very enthused about a new invitation I've received, and accepted!! And I'd like to pass along the invitation to you too.

My good friend Brian O'Leary has invited me to co-facilitate a workshop with him at Montesueños, his beautiful mountain eco-retreat in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.

For those of you who don't know Brian, he's one of the first scientist astronauts, an international speaker, researcher, author, expert on new energy and one of the true living visionaries.

We're calling the workshop Transforming the Dreamer. Great title, don't ya think? (I must be channeling my grandmother)... : )

We'd like you to join us.


Transforming the Dreamer-an interactive experiential workshop. The Tillman-O'Leary duo will provide participants with some practical tools to transform themselves and society by tapping into their inner wisdom and identifying achievable goals that are needed in today's world.

Included in and integrated into the workshop, participants will experience the Pachamama Alliance's internationally acclaimed Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which is interactive and based upon media produced by multi-award winning filmmaker Neal Rogin. For an inspiring and motivating sample, click here.

Click here for more detail about the workshop, and some photos.


Friday, March 19, at 8pm through Tuesday, March 23, at 2pm


Montesueños Eco-Retreat in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

and the Amazon jungle near Zamora

Tuition -  $1750 includes the workshop, transportation to and from the Quito airport and the jungle, meals, and double or twin accommodations. For singles there will be a surcharge of $150, and for triples or quads a reduction in cost of $150.

Airline fares we've checked from various European and American cities are quite low right now.

Registration - You can reserve a place in the workshop or obtain more information by writing us at

Why Ecuador, and Montesueños?

Most don't know that some of the seminal work in the areas of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment are taking place in Ecuador, outside the distorting lens of today's media.

Some of earth's last remaining untouched pristine environments and isolated indigenous populations are found in the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains of Ecuador. And some of the most painful damage done by extraction industries has been done in Ecuador--So it's a perfect setting for the profound, inspiring, deeply moving and galvanizing work we will be experiencing.

Ecuador recently rewrote its constitution and included rights for flora and fauna--the first, and only, country to do so. So far.

Ecuador is the first nation to begin experimenting with a new system of commerce and trade that isn't based on debt. They're testing it parallel to their dollar economy. Some of you know that the financial and economic challenges faced by almost all countries on the planet today have a source in our debt-based fiat monetary systems. Solutions may come out of Ecuador.

The Galapagos Islands are 600 miles west of Ecuador and our travel agent can assist those of you who chose to add on a visit before or after the workshop. I plan to. It's been on my "Someday Maybe" list for years.

Montesueños means mountain of dreams, a place to mount or climb up on dreams, high place of dreams and where dreams are realized. So the venue provides the ideal context for aligning higher energies and inspiring action.

Please join us. Those of you who have traveled with me previously know that this will be another not-to-be-forgotten memorable, treasured lifetime experience.

Often I've heard people say to me, "Boy, you sure do you have an interesting life..." Yes, I do. I will claim that. I am very grateful to be able to say it. And... It's been that way because I'm OK with choosing into uncertainty and unknown. I don't need to have it all worked out with guarantees before hand. I've learned that understanding follows experience and clarity shows up on the way. I'm curious. And I don't want to find myself at age 90 looking back saying, "I wish I would have. Why didn't I? If only... It's too late now." I know that it's precisely in a time of contraction that I need to expand. So I take what is often a "faith-step" past my time and money considerations.

And I'll be darned, I got to here. That's often amazing, magical and miraculous to me... : )

It's much more fun when a group of us do this together. Would you like to join us?

I hope to see you in Ecuador.

In the Spirit of loving contribution,

Terry Tillman

P.S. Flying Pigs? Ask Brian. I've already assumed you understood the Dying Canaries metaphor. You may also learn more about this in the workshop : )