Saturday, September 23, 2006

Energy Transformation & E=MC2 (Why Physics Model Idles)

Fundamental Evolutionary Principle (T. Troward): "So careful of the type it seems, So careless of the single life", a maxim rises from esoteric realms. Intelligence works by the law of averages which provide a wide margin of accident and failure to the individual. The progress toward higher intelligence is always in the direction of narrowing down this margin of accident and taking the individual more and more out of the law of averages, and substituting the law of individual selection, survival of the fittest. It may, therefore be taken as an established fact that in proportion as intelligence advances the individual ceases to be subject to a mere law of averages and has a continually increasing power of controlling the conditions of his own survival."

Energy Transformation and E=MC2

Conscious intelligence through human intent usurped unconscious instinct, genetic mutation and natural selection as the evolutionary driver somewhere back in caveman days. Science and Technology, Humanity's extended senses, are at the Steering Wheel today. Blind Science and Technology with Corporate secrecy, power, greed and lies, and Humanity can kiss it's x#s goodbye.

Why the Standard Model idles as Physics awaits new options

How so simple a concept as energy transformation, from one form to another, has eluded comprehension through application of E=MC2, defies common sense and boggles the mind.

Integrating the missing and illusive Radius of Curvature described in
StarSteps ( ), completes the expanded view of E=MC2, combining the two seemingly opposed pillars of modern science, general relativity and quantum theory, surpassing the emerging scientific

contradictions and permitting advances toward

FTL (faster than light), field dependent propulsion, polarization of gravity, action at a distance, as well as "movement", the appearance of motion, from one point to another without going through all points in between.

Can noses be pressed and glued so hard to a flat ground/terrain so that as the horizon is viewed in that limited two plane dimensional reference, the ego masters of specialization in their narrow, tiny, segmented, isolated and disconnected belief of Reality, scream with astounding certitude "THE WORLD IS FLAT" (in this case referring to the 'flat', narrow, limited definition of E=MC2 .........and Refuse to even look at alternative and missing data)?

Science is not the privilege and purview of the few. Science is an extension of our senses in exploring, comprehending and expanding the realty in which we live. Science is a survival necessity for all, and therefore demands simplification and comprehension by all.

Specialization is a necessary but insufficient Scientific & Technological criterion for comprehending reality, or even surviving the accelerating Nature of Change. The isolated, light years apart segments of scientific specialization must be integrated into Macro Simplified Concepts that all can Understand and use. See Article 11 in Lifestyles Unlimited for an example of Macro integration and Simplification of Science/Reality

Fuel2000 ( ) is not playing social trivia. We, as a human family, will deal with reality, or Reality/Nature will deal with us by responding to our influence of ignorance.

"Nature did not err. E=MC2 application does not cease at the nuclear 'bang' or deadly radiation level. Evolving Energy Concepts provide automatic sustainability to evolving Life, Growth & Progress. The alternative, Stagnation is a lethal peril, a clear and present danger to civilization's survival, and brings about Human Extinction by Self destruction"

In support of the original Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore) Climate Crisis and Global Warming, which is a direct byproduct resulting from the stagnation of the science of energy (The Primary Inconvenient Truth), presented below is a consideration of the extreme Danger/Consequences behaviors derived from skewed, misled, shallow beliefs and perceptions of reality can pose to a Nation or World:

  • Every qualified, scientific article published in a peer reviewed, scientific journal (over 700 articles), all evidence the threat of global warming
  • September 21, 2006 NYT. British Science Group Says Exxon Misrepresents Climate Issues By HEATHER TIMMONS LONDON, Sept. 20 — A British scientific group, the Royal Society, contends that Exxon Mobil is spreading "inaccurate and misleading" information about climate change and is financing groups that misinform the public on the issue. The Royal Society, a 1,400-member organization that dates back to the 1600’s and has counted Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein as members, asked Exxon Mobil in a letter this month to stop financing these groups and to change its public reports to reflect more accurately the opinions of scientists on the issue. There is a "false sense somehow that there is a two-sided debate going on in the scientific community" about the origins of climate change, said Bob Ward, the senior manager for policy communication at the Royal Society. The reality is that "thousands and thousands" of scientists around the world agree that climate change is linked to greenhouse gases, he said, with "one or two professional contrarians" who disagree.
  • BBC News 9-1-06 One of America's top scientists has said that the world has already entered a state of dangerous climate change. In his first broadcast interview as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, John Holdren told the BBC that the climate was changing much faster than predicted. "We are not talking anymore about what climate models say might happen in the future." "We are experiencing dangerous human disruption of the global climate and we're going to experience more," Professor Holdren said
  • NYT 9-1-06 California Plan to Cut Gases Splits Industry “The evidence in the scientific community is lopsided — it’s not even close,” Mr. Darbee said. “Climate change is a problem.” After becoming chief executive of PG&E last year, Peter Darbee met with a large number of leading climate scientists, he said, to make up his own mind about global warming. As a result of his wide inquiries, PG&E, the parent of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which serves Northern California and is one of the nation’s largest energy utilities, broke away from the industry pack to support sweeping efforts to reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions that are widely blamed for global warming
  • The Nature of Power Revisiting the Nature of Power , and a differentiation of Freedom vs FreeDumb may assist in tempering the pending consequences resulting from "it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it"
  • According to Stephen Hawking, one of the world's leading theoretical physicists, the possibility of our extinction should be a wake-up call to us all. "We face a number of threats to our survival, from nuclear war, catastrophic global warming, genetically engineered viruses - Nuclear war is still probably the greatest threat to humanity, at the present time."

Evolution and Sustainability are NOT: Overworked, underpaid, underinsured, vacation deprived, out of work, stuck like a pig in traffic nightmares, choking with pollution, gas prices soaring off the charts, and in dumbed down bliss, totally unaware of the coming Resource Wars - Nuke assisted, and Gaia responding to the ecological imbalance with Her own Power and Might, believing in....

  • there is not enough to go around' - in an infinite universe consisting of nothing but energy?
  • conserve energy' - in an infinite recyclable universe consisting of nothing but energy?
  • denial of the existence of clean cheap unlimited decentralized energy systems' - suppressed since Tesla
  • working more for less' - the marvels of scientific progress
  • economic downturn' in an exploding world population - the marvels of scientific progress
  • polluted air, water, cities; traffic jams; lethal ecological imbalance' - the marvels of scientific progress
  • conflict resolution now equals kill - the marvels of new scientific progress, understanding and enlightenment
  • humans with "evil genes" hating freedom, wanting to be slaves' - more science marvels of enlightenment
  • privatization and control of all natural resources required for life - in the hands of a few', equals FREEDOM
  • remaining braindead to a nuclear holocaust future, supporting the causal behavioral modes that will create it

.....this list marches on

Evolution and Scientific Progress: For those playing on the surface trivia of the extremely skewed Evolution vs Creation/Intelligent design argument, review the extended depth of this argument in kindergarten basics in the February 25th post here: A single science of Evolution, Intelligent Design, Creationism and Survival defined by E=MC2 "And yet, by SECRECY AND SILENCE - THE DEATH SENTENCE WAS ALSO SEALED, as the advanced energy requirements for survival were denied"

Physics Awaits New Options as Standard Model Idles

Forwarded: A message to the Energy Center (Yahoo Groups) by Inquisitive Mind - The relevance of a stagnant science in the role of evolution to be revealed in next post

In light of the current 'inconvenient truth" on global warming, resource wars, and energy stagnation, I pose a question to those outside of this group reading these messages to contemplate:

What part did the Standard Model (and the new options) NOT UNDERSTAND?

Regards the total interdependent relationship of space time mass matter energy gravity….... Regards the petrified stale initial elementary and UNEXPANDED definition of .......

What part of the Radius of Curvature in StarSteps does the (Standard Model and the new options) not understand?

inquisitive mind


July 4, 2006 Essay

Physics Awaits New Options as Standard Model Idles

For most of us, any physics is new physics.

Having stopped paying attention somewhere back around "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" or the discovery that you can make sparks by shuffling your feet on the carpet and then touching a doorknob (or another person), we amateurs respond with the
same glazed mixture of wonder and incredulity to the latest abilities of computer chips or the expansion of the universe.

For us, the world is constant naïve novelty. The same cannot be said for professional physicists, the ultimate insiders.

Forget the lifetime tenure, the travel, the six-figure book contracts — what professional physicists live for is the tsunami moment when they know something that nobody else has ever known, the revelatory flash of a new glimpse into the workings of what Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University cosmologist, called "the Mind of God."

Alas, God, as reflected in the known laws of physics, hasn't gotten any smarter since the 1970's. It was then that particle physicists put the finishing touches on the Standard Model, a collection of theories describing all the physical forces except gravity.

They have been stuck in that model, like birds in a gilded cage, ever since. The Standard Model agrees with every experiment that has been performed since. But it doesn't say anything about the most familiar force of all, gravity. Nor does it explain why the universe is matter instead
of antimatter, or why we believe there are such things as space and time.

"Is there physics beyond the Standard Model?" runs the refrain often repeated by David Gross, the director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics and a co-winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize for his part in constructing this mathematical edifice.

Physicists presume that the answer is yes, that some more overarching theory should explain these and other mysteries. But lacking any loose ends to grab hold of, no discrepancies from the predictions wrung from the Standard Model, they have no experimental clues as to what that theory might be.

Every once in a while there is a hint of progress and revolution in the air — new physics that would impress the professional as well as awe the layman — like a faint jingle of music drawing you down the street. You briefly feel young and limitless. You feel as if you might walk
past an open window and hear "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" playing again.

Then the feeling vanishes. It happened this spring when two teams of physicists at Fermilab succeeded in measuring a particularly odd schizophrenic particle, known as the strange neutral B meson, that flips back and forth between being itself and its own opposite antiparticle three
trillion times a second. Weird as that behavior is, it was right on the money as predicted by the Standard Model.

"Our real hope was for something bizarre," admitted Young-Kee Kim of the University of Chicago and a spokeswoman for one of the Fermilab teams.

In an e-mail message later, Dr. Kim said that she was undaunted. "We are explorers," she said, "and I cannot imagine how exciting it will be when we get even one step closer to true nature!!
This belief and this desire is so huge that we will never give up."

Physicists have high hopes that some new physics will begin to reveal itself when they fire up the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN outside Geneva in November next year, although the laboratory just announced that the accelerator would not be running at full strength, colliding protons with seven trillion volts of energy, until 2008.

If the physicists are lucky, in addition to the last piece of the Standard Model, a character known as the Higgs boson, new particles not produced since the Big Bang could eventually come spitting out.

Now you may think that the last thing the world needs is a new elementary particle with another cute annoying name, and physicists agree. What's exciting about the particles, they say, are not the particles, but the new laws of nature they manifest. If you are of a certain rock 'n'
roll age, you might not think the universe needs any new laws either.

Unlike, say, in the tax code, however, in physics new laws are more elegant and economical than the ones they replace. For the last century they have usually involved new symmetries that nature seems sworn to uphold — things that don't change when we view the universe from different perspectives.

Physicists have one more symmetry card to play, a concept known as supersymmetry. If this notion is right, there is a whole new population of particles, so-called superpartners to the ones we already know and puzzle about waiting to be discovered.

The problem is that according to some versions of supersymmetry, the effects of these particles, if not the particles themselves, should already be showing up in delicate experiments like the flip-flopping meson. There are thousands of versions of supersymmetry, but the fact that nothing has shown up yet has caused "a growing tension in the field," said Nima Arkani-Hamed, a particle theorist at Harvard.

Dr. Arkani-Hamed admitted, "My nightmare is that we see nothing at all besides the Higgs," in the new collider.

Meanwhile, something bizarre really has shown up. It just hasn't been in a form that physicists can test and play with. Eight years ago two teams of astronomers discovered that the expansion of the universe was speeding up, in defiance of cosmic gravity and of what might be left of
common sense. The universe apparently is its own antigravity machine.

That might be weird enough, and deserving of tabloid headlines, except it apparently happened before. New studies reported last spring of relic radio waves left over from the waning days of the Big Bang have reinforced, but not yet conclusively proved, the idea that a violent antigravitational force known colloquially as inflation held sway in the first moments of time, stretching and bubbling the cosmos into roughly the shape we see today.

Whatever bubbled and stretched the cosmos is beyond the ken of the Standard Model. Inflation is new physics, Sean Carroll of the University of Chicago explained in a recent e-mail message, adding, "Anything other than inflation would be even newer physics!"

So, yes, there is new physics out there. The question is whether it will ever be put it together into the neat mathematical package that would have impressed Einstein.

It may be asking too much of a theory of physics to explain the world. I don't expect physicists to tell me the meaning of life, I just want something to tell my kid.

In words that still haunt me, Lee Smolin, a physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, once wrote, "When a child asks, What is the world, we literally have nothing to tell her."

Some theorists think they have an answer, namely that the world is made up of tiny vibrating strings. As of now, however, there is scant evidence other than the beauty of their equations that the string theorists are right.

My own daughter, Mira, just turned 4 and she is not asking me what the world is made of, quite yet. I've managed to keep ahead of her so far, if only by reading a page ahead in the dinosaur books that occupy bedtime, but the time is coming when she will be calling me and the world's physicists to account.

When she does, I would like to have something to tell her, and myself.