Saturday, December 09, 2006

The truth is, humans can change, and change fast

The title and following quote expresses concisely, through human experience, that this period of evolution is now almost entirely under the control of conscious human intent and will, and far less influenced by unconscious instinct, genetic mutation and natural selection as the evolutionary driver.

Mother Jones:
Quote: Many secretly perceive global warming to be an insoluble problem and respond by circling the family wagons and turning inward.

Yet science shows that human beings are born with powerful tools for solving this quandary.So what will it take to trigger what we might call the 13th tipping point, the shift from personal denial to personal responsibility? What will tip us toward addressing global warming with the urgency it deserves, as the mother of all threats to homeland security?

The truth is, humans can change, and change fast. Our hallmark is adaptability. Long ago, we looked out from the trees and saw the savannas. Beyond the savannas we glimpsed further frontiers. History proves that when we behold a better world, we move toward it — one person at a time — leaving behind what no longer works. We know what to do. We know how to do it. We know the timeline. We are our own tipping point. This piece is adapted from a longer article in the current issue of Mother Jones, where Julia Whitty is a contributing writer. She is also author of the forthcoming book "The Fragile Edge: Diving and Other Adventures in the South Pacific."

As current events continually remind us (see Freedom Times) with global warming trends, resource wars topped with nuclear dessert potential, transportation speeds competing with snails/belly crawling, and "extreme workers" at both ends of the Great Divide, the question of evolutionary criteria would seem to have profound implications to our survival.
If evolution, indeed, is in in our hands, from whence will we get the answers? The government? The news media shows "daddy" AKA Corporate Masters, control the government and decide our whole lifestyle, scientific direction and future. Thier only motive, corporate mandate, is profit, and they have all our money.
This bears repeating: Science and Technology, Humanity's extended senses, are at the Steering Wheel today. Blind Science and Technology with Corporate secrecy, power, greed and lies, and Humanity can kiss it's x#s goodbye.
The Trouble with Physics cannot be allowed to continue
Science has to be free
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