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Evolutionary Alternatives to Self Imposed Limits

reprinted with permission from Lifestyles Unlimited 1990-2001 A 1990 newsletter, updated in 2001 with the forecasted events in the process of full blown expression - eerily uncanny
About multideminsional thinking: "........ If more people knew that Energy from Corn (or going backwards to a dimwitted concept of radioactive nuclear power application ) sounded a wee bit kindergartenish and senile for the twenty first century......the Future may have a chance. "
Lifestyles Unlimited Sustainable? Why, pray tell, not?

The State of the World today certainly camouflages the existence of this expanding spiral of Life and Intelligence. However, we may well assume as established fact that in proportion as intelligence (including wisdom and understanding) advances, the individual ceases to be subject to a mere law of averages and has a continually increasing power of controlling the conditions of his own survival. The more we replace our mindless, unconscious choices, or lack of choices, with expanding conscious choices, the less likely are we to evidence the misery, suffering, limitations, and destruction around the globe.

Conscious Choice, in this context, is characterized by a very distinct and special flavor. It asks us how far can we see, how far are we willing to see?
It inquires of us an accounting of the dimensions and clarity of our window to reality. It is the gestalt factor which sanctions the evolutionary apex of intelligent life on this planet to rise by its own volition, replacing the default mode and its attendant drag on the time line. In fact, conscious choice and expanding viewing point are inseparable. Together they transform our choices into self-evident recognition.

Local/Global 'KISS' explanation: Beach and Grains of Sand - our actions occur at the local level, in the grains of sand; to SEE our objectives, where to go, we require an expanded Global viewpoint, the Beach Scene.

I recall an old parable about a stampeding herd of cattle heading toward a cliff. The cattle are blindfolded. It would be extremely difficult to stop them from running right off the cliff. However, if their blindfolds were removed, they would turn on their own accord.

What are our blindfolds?

1. aside from breaching the paramount magnitude of balanced contemporary education attainability & availability to all
2. besides laxity in promoting awareness of adaptive behavior criteria, as revealed by our psychological disciplines
3. aside from the low priority yielded to the social importance of self-esteem as published in the final report of John Vasconcellos's California Task Force Commission
4. aside from remiss, disdain, and scorn toward the roles power, politics, accountability and freedom play in our continued health and survival
5. aside from ignorance of sustainable survival patterns found in the fragile balance between self interest and community interest, "institutionalized" behavior and "empowerment" of the individual - as disclosed by organization dynamics and organization psychology
6. aside from remiss, disdain, and scorn toward the fragile balance between humanity and the environment, humanity and earth ...our home

Evolutionary Alternatives to Self Imposed Limits
Linear or multidimensional thinking?

To what degree do our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions shape the world we live in?

To what degree are our limits governed by our capacity to see and understand increasingly larger segments of reality?

What cognitive processes influence the intuitive leaps, the "ah ha" experiences which accompany understanding and creativity? Are we aware of what or how we think? How do we form the attitudes that lie behind our decision making?

Theories in behavioral science predicate the mindlessness and scripted processing of much of our implied "thoughtful" action. Buddhist inner science calls for mindfulness, awareness, meditation, control and discipline of thought and action. New Thought religions point to an exact scientific relationship between individual consciousness, Universal Consciousness, and physical reality.

The foregoing previews an imposing spectrum on the nature of consciousness. On a practical level, what may these different points of view be suggesting?

Is there a simple guideline that can connect mindlessness to mindfulness? Could there exist a continuum of thought and awareness, paralleling single linear dimensions to the multidimensions of physical space (geometry, fractals, relativity, and quantum mechanics…)?

Theories in behavioral science predicate the mindlessness and scripted processing of much of our implied "thoughtful" action.

As we observe the differences in the thought processes and awareness of a child of three and a nuclear physicist (or primitive man to modern man), we readily note that there is an attribute of expansion involved, quite like the move from a point of view to a viewing point. A case in point: the thirteenth century belief of a flat earth has been replaced and refined over the centuries. The sound barrier was another frontier. Yet the familiar phrase "you cannot see the trees because of the forest" and vice versa, continues to haunt us.

What parameters of a multidimensional quality constitute the difference between the idea of "trees" and the idea of "forest"? A point of view and a viewing point? Do we think in 3-dimensional thought at all times?

What is a fourth dimension and how may it relate to a larger viewing point? Does it implicate faster than light velocity, negative gravitation? Does it involve the religious paradox how the one becomes the many, or the origin of matter, the force behind the manifestation of every material nucleus?

Is the light barrier a mathematical reality, or a misconstrued interpretation of mathematics derived from limited points of view? Can a limited point of view close the doors to an abundant, endless and healthy future?

Taboos are primitive. However, the dialogue between science and religion, required for multidimensional thinking to take place, to break out of our own self-imposed physical limits, seems to be a modern day taboo.

Somewhere between science and religion, the point of view and the viewing point, the East and the West, the child and the adult, lie answers to our conflicting and limiting theories, beliefs, and perceptions of the world and universe around us. And somewhere between the New Testament and the Old, the story is told metaphysically, about the point of view and the viewing point, cause and effect, chaos and pattern, the timeless beginning and the end, the one and the many, and multi-dimensionally, how the one is the many.

This similar story may be deciphered from almost every religion and myth around the globe. The myth of creation buried in the sands of time that crossed distances and cultures. Are these coincidental dreams and imagination, or is there a connection, a scientific relationship window, to a greater reality?

Can a bigger picture provide an improved road map, a compass, for both individual effort and the creation of a healthy, sustainable, survival pattern or order, out of chaos? Can informed choice and viewing point be Humanity’s attractor’s in chaos?

Are there any bridges that may be conceived to escape the isolated drudgery, limitations, and singularity that linear (or at best 3-D) thought alone achieves?

Contemporary psychology embraces the view that our window to reality that forms and guides our behavior and actions, is comprised of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, aims, and experiences that each of us cruise through. A major portion of our perception of reality is, to the extend that we are informed and exposed, derived from our sciences to our religious institutions, from philosophy and ethics to medicine and healing, from power and politics to our ideas of freedom, democracy and economics.

Yet, as we look at the state of the world today, it becomes apparent there is little consensus, enormous disparity and colossal constraints. Macro theories outside of their own disciplines in the hard sciences have not yet come of age. Beyond the hard sciences there exists only varied opinion and points of experience (individual and group).

The nature of Man (neutral gender), his/her purpose or evolutionary trend, even emerging global survival demands, rarely manifest beyond the institutionalized and rudimentary sustenance needs motivated by pleasure and profit, an end in itself.

Today, evidence abounds of emerging viewing points, paradigm changes within multiple disciplines, around the globe. Their direct effect on world behavior standards is clearly being seen. However a modern Myth, the design across disciplines necessary to sustain global survival, still eludes us, remaining isolated and segmented.

What is the nature of this pattern that runs across disciplines, submerged in fractals, awaiting the appropriate attractors which link chaos to order?

Let us browse through a few of the possible parameters or attractors in perception that may be implicated. We will use the flat earth example. A linear view from a single point, located near the surface of a level plain or desert, provides us, for all practical purposes, with the perception of a relatively flat terrain. Today, we can easily surmise the factors involved which created Humanity’s historical perception of a flat earth and the process by which that perception moved to a round world.

Obviously, at an elementary level, as the number, direction, position, speed, and comprehension of various points of view are extended and experienced, our window to reality becomes clearer.
Statistical numbers, expanded dimensions, velocity rates, and usable energy capacity appear to play a major role in our understanding of reality and its space-time relationships. Comunication, mobility, becomes the cohesive network that shortens space-time relations by substitution of accelerated vocal, visual and physical transmission (or transportation).

Self-evident, it is a smaller world today because physical size has been substituted by speed. The obstacles of great distances and vast time appear to diminish before our very eyes. More precisely, space-time and position are increasingly being substituted by greater energy differentials of velocity and acceleration.

The multidimensional question surfaces, can this same effect be created by factors other than velocity? What role may varying degrees of frequencies and fields play in transmuting space, time? In providing access to available energy capacities through gravitational mass differentials?

It will be noted at this point that the thought process is no longer linear. It has achieved a multidimensional status. More importantly, nothing was lost through this insight, this mode of thinking. Vast distances and eons of time may still be conceived, as well as the means by which to traverse and subdue their effect. Both multi-level views remain. Nor is individuality or identity lost as the ‘One’ begins to sense its’ simultaneous unity with the ‘many’ through a larger grasp of gravity, space, time and energy relationships to consciousness.

Here lie the hazards of linear or limited level thinking alone. Conflict, duality and separation reign absolute and depend solely upon single points of view, real only under special conditions. The case of the concave/convex curve becomes identified by one’s position, by which side of the curve the viewing is taking place. This interplay of duality, the ability to see, multidimensionally, the simultaneous unity of the local and the global, the one and the many, is incomprehensible in single and limited dimensions. Science and religion, physics and metaphysics are not seen to reside at opposite ends of the same continuum.

The question that each may contain irreplaceable components of the fundamental laws of existence, a radius of curvature of reality, of how the one becomes the many, or how time and distance may be interchanged thorough gravitational mass differentials, has not even been raised in mainstream thought.

The preceding multidimensional patterns may be further grasped through Einstenian relativity. The relative position and energy level of one reference point may now be seen to assume critical significance with respect to its relationship to any other reference point. This positional potential can reach and represent an astronomical and possible negative differential between a reference point in the micro world (nuclear) with a reference point in the macro world (between galaxies).

That this differential is explicitly tied to the formula E=MC2 and exclusively bond to the sine-wave characteristics, a radius of curvature of natural law, remains to be demonstrated.

It is time we looked into and deciphered the age-old symbol, the Tai’Chi symbol of the circle with the sine wave passing through its center. Through the use of the discoveries of modern science, the scientific method, and multidimensional thinking, we may reveal and begin to apply the resulting concept of the radius of curvature of natural law for the benefit and survival of complex civilizations.

The East has now met the West. The time is ripe for putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for a wider view, even those that previously did not conform to our comfortable, isolated niches.

But let us begin with the Western World’s concept "look deep into nature and discover the self" rather than the Eastern view "look deep into the self, and discover nature". Something tangible we of Western background can grapple with, as we unfold the viewing point, bringing Eastern and Western thought together, and expand our window to Reality.

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