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"As systems increase in complexity, their energy intensity and energy requirements to sustain life rise accordingly." Hydrocarbons ceased fitting the energy bill, became obsolete, years ago. Nobel Prize winner , Ilya Progogine

(New York Times, November 1, 2002) "Meeting the world's rising energy needs without increasing global warming will require a research effort as ambitious as the Apollo project to put a man on the moon, a diverse group of scientists and engineers said in Science magazine today. "

Lost Science, Lost Sense, Top Secret, Deception or the "S"(stupid) Factor?

The lethal Death Threat to (local -this planet) Evolution and Survival - is a 100 year old stagnant, dead, and unexpanded equation:

The Universe is Watching

"and yet, by secrecy and silence, the death sentence was also sealed"

On the far outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy, events were unfolding for the third time in a young planet's history, to cause serious doubt that intelligent life exists there.

Three times, three repetitions, and still no comprehension that the more complex an evolving holistic system becomes, the greater is its energy requirements.

Like a one celled amoebae, this system soaked up energy from wood, then coal, then black gold (oil). It needed more. The system rediscovered electricity, and the most elementary, crude form of nuclear.

Each advance in energy modes brought forth technological applications for both so-called "good and evil" use in ever greater proportions.

More advanced forms of life understood this advance in power required corresponding advances in wisdom to the degree where misuse of such powerful forces is about as much desired as cutting off one's own head - even more so, 100% not possible.

However, the amoebae particles in charge failed see the danger of keeping a majority of the population "Dumbed Down", hungry and poor.

In fact, they assumed that "once an ape, always an ape, forever" was the evolutionary theory of Life.

Not a single thought was given that the rest of the amoebae's particles required education, wisdom, and understanding to avoid total catastrophe through misuse, as the amoebae's system continued
to grow in complexity and required more advanced energy modes to survive.

Having broached upon the crude form of nuclear energy from a most simple of equations, E=MC2, (In Nature, the greater the power, the simpler the equation and application), the next advance was not far

However, while nuclear holocaust put a small time damper hold of fear to warmongering, power, greed and control particles, the extension possibilities of E=MC2 scared the shit, the living daylights out of them.

Only fables of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, come close to describing the wonders, and the horrors of the power from extended uses of the simple E=MC2 equation.


And yet, by SECRECY AND SILENCE - THE DEATH SENTENCE WAS ALSO SEALED, as the advanced energy requirements for survival were denied.

In the natural universal course of evolving advances in energy applications, the miraculous beauty of Universal creation and power is touched upon.

(go to the shopping mall - see how "out of nothing, and dirt, rock and stone, all things are made")

Nature's gift for Life Sustainable and ever-evolving, is unbounded.

It's misuse becomes incalculable.

Nature has a built in Fail-safe - advanced energy systems beyond nuclear are impossible to misuse with even the barest glimpse of wisdom science integrated with the extended principles of E=MC2.

Such is the profound effect comprehension brings, as it totally and scientifically, connects all the sciences:

Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual

Reminder: As galaxies form and take shape, the center of the whirling galaxies begin the initial solidification of the gases that pressurize and begin to shape the Stars and Suns with possible planets, and possible life forms - eons before the outer edges of the galaxies complete the process. The young planet discussed above, as was noted, is on the far outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Possible Human

or Stagnant Article

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mindgames said...

Well said, Now what can we do to change and work on solutions? Energy is the key to survival yet by doing nothing about the existing mode of enery usage we are heading for a collapse the world has never seen. With the world population bursting at the seams and the continued need for more fossil fuel....we are running out. So lets encourage education, research and the necessary funding required to forge ahead...local action to global action. Each of us are responsible. Share the information make happen. We can effect change it takes interest and concern. What are we waiting for?