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Evolution For Idiots – Survival in the next five years

Evolution For Idiots

Survival in the next five years

Science, Humanities leading evolutionary engine driver, barrier breaker, and boundary extender - Is Now Controlled by Whom?

The extended Dummies series title is for the 'blind' leading us towards smart nuclear surgical whiteout bliss in their desperate attempts to fulfill the prophecies.

A Layman's guide to common sense, control and survival in the game of evolution

Once an ape (apelike behavior characteristics), always an ape, is not the evolutionary theory of life, regardless what the corporate masters and their advertisers, the 'bread and butter' (energy, shelter, information/news, etc.) providers and employers promote.

A case in point: conflict resolution de-evolving bass ackwards to Bombs between nations, signifies the consequences of the prevalent belief, that there is not enough to go around. For evolving societies this belief increasingly becomes an actual fact, solely due to our current dumbed down view of energy and matter.

This 'not enough to go around' belief is linked directly to a stagnant concept/definition and use, of Energy, limitations that now spearhead the 'survival instincts' of fear, 'fight or flight' to the fore, in the commanding, prevailing pattern of Power, Greed, Control - masters, slaves, and serfs (Onward to Freedumb Land).

Note in the hierarchy of group/cultural behaviorial criterion, which behavior patterns play the dominant role in the Rise & Fall of Civilizations. This simple recognition can go a long ways to comprehending Human Evolution, survival requiremements, and eliminating the repetitious 'rise and fall" cycle.

Resized gif - click to read 'History exams still ask, "discuss the overall concept of the rise and fall....."

Back to basics and how we obtain our basics.
(This will give Ralph Nader some credence on Corporate Power)

Contrasting then and now, going back to the time when we were baboons, apes, early caveman and early tribal stages, we note the survival parameters, while limited, were local and within our control. We used our own senses, limbs, and energy to provide for our basic needs externally, much like our own bodies do internally, with the heart, lungs, stomach, elimination and circulatory systems working together as a whole system giving life to our bodies.

Recognizing the growing limitations for providing basic needs as societies evolved, the advent of science and technology came to our rescue, extending our senses & power & motor capabilities to meet our evolving survival, prosperity, pleasure, curiosity, and recreational needs.

Now imagine, non-living corporate entities forming inside our body, taking over the heart, lungs, digestive systems, constantly merging, voluntarily given the POWER to decide and provide for our survival needs, based on contemporary corporate rules, laws, mandates, pricing & profit structures, and economic monetary policies. All decided with an extremely imbecile understanding of the infinite nature of energy and matter relationship – a recognition that would unmask Resource Wars for what it is - Murder.

Imagine the corporations inside you body telling all the cells that the shareholders come first, and to do whatever makes more profit – as in the cost of miracle packaging and advertising verses the cost of ever diluting quality & quantity substance inside the package; or the exceptional ripe, falsified colors on the rock hard fruit, rotted by the time they soften enough to eat. Imagine corporations inside your body producing marvelous, pretty, pretty, pictured packaging on the outside, while beautiful artifically colored blood inside the package sold at price gouging prices (because of high demand to live); becomes more and more watered down; with the delivery system snagged (bloodclotted) in traffic nightmares; with fewer cells handling triple workloads; more and more cells unemployed; all the while listening to the glory of enormous, unprecedented profits of the Heart Corporation.

Useful references to predicting the cumulative direction Power is taking us, using the above external basic survival needs analogy from early days to now: Public Citizen
Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization

Abolish Corporate Personhood Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

The silenced new energy definitions and capabilities back in the 50’s would have made this type of Obscenity & Power abuse impossible.

THE BROOKINGS REPORT: Withholding of certain information from the public is necessary to prevent 'social disintegration'. Today, relinquishing suppression of certain simple, scientific, fundamentals connecting quantum and relativity, threaten governments and multinational corporations more than the general public - an erosion of the power structure.

Next stop: Why a Free Evolving Science with Comprehension, Wisdom and Understanding is a Survival Requirement.

What others have to say:

Cosmic Evolution - From Big Bang to Humankind

Near Term Global Problems
The future is a tricky subject. To comment on it is to run the risk of saying nothing concrete. The future is especially troublesome to foresee when life is involved. As a case in point, predicting the destiny of our civilization is actually harder than predicting the destiny of the Universe. It may sound ludicrous that we can know more about the future of the Universe in bulk than about the future of life on our own planet. But the behavior of human life weighs heavily on our civilization, while not at all on the whole Universe. And while the Universe obeys the laws of physics, civilizations legislate their own laws

Future’s Ultimate Dilemma
Our future, the future of the planet, is cloudy, shrouded in numerous dilemmas, many of which threaten the continued existence of Earth civilization and perhaps Earth life itself. Can our precarious condition persist indefinitely? What is the longevity of a technologically competent civilization?

We stress that the problems facing civilization today are not similar, not even in principle, to those of previous generations. The recent exponential advance of technological achievements and the inability of much of society to cope with them have led to global problems basically different from those confronting earlier peoples on Earth. In no other time of recorded history have humans commanded the means to affect the status of large segments of life on our planet. In one way or another, it’s not inconceivable that the entire planet could be rendered lifeless in the near future.

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