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Evolve or Perish – The Unifying Principle of Transformation

Evolve or Perish – The Unifying Principle of Transformation

As I observe the continuously sideways and declining state of the economy of this once great nation, DePaul’s recommended reading book comes to mind, When Things Fall Apart, a preparatory introduction to the more extensive scope of George T. Land’s General Systems view Grow or Die: The Unifying Principle of Transformation (Paperback)

I personally feel we are at a stage where Nature’s Unifying Principle of Transformation will have to be considered for continued human survival and sustainability:
  • From the stalemate in the shallow definition and stagnant application of energy threatening the future of all life
  • To an economic model where multinational mergers have transformed into economically strangulating, bezerk nightmares of the dragon eating its own tail.
The dunce (& lethal) Stagnation Cap in the energy sector of 21st century science marvels have been sufficiently detailed in this blog and surmised on the following links:
This limited energy concept has been shown to be directly tied in to the impossibly bloated and unbalanced economic system.

Consider extrapolating philosopher David Hume’s method, from the original corporate model, to current and future multinational corporate concepts, culminating with a few multinationals and investors who will soon own 98-99% of all the world’s wealth and resources required for human life.

It does not require much thought that “free market”, “unregulated”,” it’s all mine”, no longer fits the picture, no longer has the right, the license, to do as it pleases, with the current world’s population of seven billion lives resting on the whims of one or two lords and kings owning everything required for human life, whose only mandate is increasing the bottom (profit) line.

The job question also emerges, as surmised in the previous blog, (carrying Hume's concept outward) what will seven billion people do with no jobs?

Symptoms of Systemic disease - A world exploding in population and unmet needs demanding massive economic growth, we have instead: Unsustainable inequality in the USA and the world - The current standard model of Physics remains dangerously idle (1960's) - The major outcome of humanities work and labor, worldwide today, is ever-increasing debt - Corporations awesome, accelerating, obscene hoard of cash, profit and wealth - As 16 Million American Children now go hungry - As families continue to lose their homes, their home equity, their life savings in crooked, corrupted, unregulated, stock and hedge fund speculation - As retirement age stretches toward 110 with increasing productivity, decreasing pay, encroaching toward zero benefits for the majority workers - As State and local governments face bankruptcy in a sideways and declining economy with no jobs – While all adapt to the perils of global warming. As corporations continue to merge with employee reduction, controlling all resources and wealth, and technology continues to replace the worker – what will seven billion people do?

Clearly, the old economy of greed and dominion is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The Outcome is ours to choose – David Korten

In the Living Economics Forum, David Korten begins to probe the transformational survival elements lacking in our dated economic concept: “Imagine an economy in which life is valued more than money and power resides with ordinary people who care about one another, their community, and their natural environment. It is possible. It is happening. Millions of people are living it into being. Our common future hangs in the balance”

To Evolve or Perish – Nature’s Mandate, as subtitled in a new wordpress blog, The Promise of Energy, continues with a probe of possibilities when things begin to fall apart, signs from Nature signaling us to move toward a Unifying Principle.

George T. Land’s General Systems view Grow or Die: The Unifying Principle of Transformation (Paperback) prefaces:

“Evolution carries with it the message of extinction. If we isolate ourselves from the “system” of life; if we do not find a balance of trade with our environment, we face a future known in all of its frightening dimensions. We, as a culture, as a species even, will join with the other unfit systems of our world. The message is abundantly clear: Grow or Die, evolution or extension. It is in our hands, not just as governments or even cultures, but as humans.

The manifestations of Human Nature are forever in the process of becoming. As mutuality becomes the norm, we can expect to discover more of the richness of “human nature”. Rather than viewing a Human as a creature born perhaps good or evil or simply subject to environment, we shall be able to see human character as a result of the interwoven effects of the pruning or flowering of innate evolutionary growth urges. Humans can become the transdetermining agents of their own nature.”

For those who insist on clinging to traditional ways of looking at the world, change will continue to come so fast and in such unexpected forms that the future will no longer be a desirable place. But for those who are willing to move ahead with conscious awareness of the natural laws of change, the future offers unparalleled opportunity to reshape our lives, our organizations, and our world, into what we want.


Today`s change is not just more rapid, more complex, more turbulent, and more unpredictable. Today`s change is unlike any encountered before. The surprising fact is that change itself has changed! By looking to our greatest teacher, Mother Nature, we can understand the natural change process. The ceaseless process of change takes on unique characteristics at different points in time. The rules governing change shift dramatically and almost without notice. These "Breakpoint" shifts follow the same master pattern whether they occur within a single atom, one`s personal life, or an entire organization.

Transformation has become a popular, overused and misunderstood word in organizations in the twenty-first century. Hundreds of organizations hear the mandate for transformation. The mandate comes from Congress, the Pentagon, government agencies, the senior military, corporate executives or school Superintendents. Leaders and their organizations are compelled to respond to the mandate. They attempt to “talk the language” and take action in pursuit of transformation. Often the response, however, is a reaction, actions and mere incremental changes that are neither sustainable nor systematic. Unfortunately, few individuals understand transformation or why there is an imperative for transformation, not merely incremental or transitional change. Often, people confuse transformation with any kind of change, technology breakthrough, innovation, process improvement or transition. However, few changes are truly transformational.

Transformation. Transformation is what happens when people see the world through a new lens of knowledge and are able to create an infrastructure, never before envisioned, to the future. Transformation is motivated by survival, by the realization that everything needs to change or the organization will die; that a significant breakthrough in mindset is needed in order to pursue new opportunities.

We must transform, not merely change or improve if we are to create a viable future. It will take leadership with profound knowledge and courage to have the stamina and commitment that transformation requires. Transformation is not easy, but it is critical to the health of our families and global society. Transformation is not for the other person to do, but for every individual to take personal responsibility to help create new futures, to ask questions, to take risks, and to make a difference

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