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Prelude to Evolve or Perish – The Unifying Principle of Transformation

Prelude to Evolve or Perish – The Unifying Principle of Transformation reprinted with permission from Freedom Times

Idea Submitted to “Contract for the American Dream”:
Knowledge is Power: Remaining ignorant of far advanced and decentralized energy systems possessing unlimited potential - a major requirement for human survival - will prolong the application of yesterday's ineffective disconnected trivia hot air game show actions by all “good-willed” organizations attempting to improve the deteriorating state of economic affairs . These stale, scientifically uninformed action agendas have been, and continue to be, totally ignored by the Shapers of our Future.

This is a systemic disease, man-made, designed with the fatal flaws attributed to the Dark Ages of Lords and Serfs. In General Systems Theory terms, the concept of Grow or Die, the Door to Transformation, to Sustainable Survival, is nonexistent and unrecognized by today’s shallow, surface scratching, immediate profit gratification, childlike, I want it NOW, It’s all mine, priority economic goals.

Without access to advanced and decentralized energy systems, with its inherent double edge sword of heralding in common sense, wisdom and understanding, alongside its advanced scientific concept of infinite energy/resource principles, the door to freedom and life is closed.

Symptoms of Systemic Disease: A world exploding in population and unmet needs demanding massive economic growth, we have instead

Unsustainable inequality in the USA and the world - The current standard model of Physics remains dangerously idle (1960's) - The major outcome of humanities work and labor, worldwide today, is ever-increasing debt - Corporations awesome, accelerating, obscene hoard of cash, profit and wealth - As 16 Million American Children now go hungry too - As families continue to lose their homes, their home equity, their life savings in crooked, corrupted, unregulated, stock and hedge fund speculation - As retirement age stretches toward 110 with increasing productivity, decreasing pay, encroaching toward zero benefits for the majority workers - As State and local governments face bankruptcy in a sideways and declining economy with no jobs – While all adapt to the perils of global warming ......this is just the tip of the iceberg

David Korten:
Labor Day Harbringer "Where have all the jobs gone?

As corporations continue to merge with employee reduction, controlling all resources and wealth, and technology continues to replace the worker – what will seven billion people do?

The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
David Korten’s classic bestseller, When Corporations Rule the World, was one of the first books to articulate the destructive and oppressive nature of the global corporate economy. Now, ten years later, Korten shows that the problem runs deeper than corporate domination—with far greater consequences.

In The Great Turning, Korten argues that corporate consolidation of power is merely a contemporary manifestation of what he calls “Empire”: the organization of society by hierarchies of domination grounded in violent chauvinisms of race, gender, religion, nationality, language, and class. The result has been the same for 5,000 years, fortune for the few and misery for the many. Increasingly destructive of children, family, community, and nature, the way of Empire is leading to environmental and social collapse.
The Great Turning makes the case that we humans are a choice making species that at this defining moment faces both the opportunity and the imperative to choose our future as a conscious collective act. We can no longer deny the need nor delay our response. A mounting perfect economic storm is fast approaching. A convergence of climate change, peak oil, and the financial instability inherent in an unbalanced global trading system will bring an unraveling of the corporate-led global economy and a dramatic restructuring of every aspect of modern life.
We cannot avoid the unraveling. We can, however, turn a potentially terminal crisis into an epic opportunity to bring forth a new era of Earth Community grounded in the life-affirming cultural values shared by most all the world’s people and eloquently articulated in the Earth Charter.

The Great Turning in Bullet Points

Ten Common Sense Economic Truths

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