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The One Hundred and Thirty Eight Million - A Cold Fusion Holocaust

Time to acknowledge and resolve the obstacles to the evolutionary stages beyond intelligence: Wisdom, Understanding
reprinted with permission from Freedom Times

This is Evolution?

The One Hundred and Thirty

Eight Million -- A Cold Fusion Holocaust

Someone else is beginning to count the dead caused by the Energy Lie

The suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies has killed millions of men, women, and children across the globe. Every day, tens of thousands of deaths occur that are directly related to high energy costs.

When will the killing

spree end?

Where is a real Energy Evolution Program

asides from delving into TRIVIA - corn, solar,

wind, geothermal, tidal ect.?????

Another example of the energy lie:

The Ten Inventions of Nikola Tesla Which

Changed The World

They tried to make the world forget his name 

And so it continues, encroaching even into the USA (Dec.15th 2011 Census data: Half of U.S. poor or low income).   Golden Greedy Guts, grown ups, yet with a six month old child's belief “it’s all mine”(anal retentive), are unable to comprehend there are other people on Earth, that seven billion people cannot live on 2% of the remaining scrap of wealth, while they, the 2%, take 98% of the world’s wealth and continue to economically strangle the majority on Earth for MORE. The ingenuity of creating a system where the majority work to survive while simultaneously supporting their own economic strangulation for a paycheck!!! The Chinese dragon eating its own tail.

As someone on facebook commented:
“I do believe the statement, ‘No Body Of Men Has The Right To Deny The Technological Evolution Of Mankind’, embraces the full scope of the "Stars & Stripes concept".

"It is interesting to see which pictorial column (at the bottom of this blog) represents the major thrust of humanities productive output today."

If this were a class, how might you describe 'dumbing us down and science blindness'?: Googleing, goo goo ing, twittering, yahooing, footsyballing, with a desperately seeking Susan's escape to trivia, escape from reality (although 60 years past due in energy science will definitely NOT be a trivia outcome function).

Like a puppet pulled by the strings of their Masters, the puppets play pretend theatrical Drama politics – their masters (big money) select (buy) candidates for both sides of the simple two party system, and tell the puppets go Play Pretend Voting Freedom of Choice (even republicans are complaining selected options are NOT OF THEIR CHOICE)"

For the unaware, there is only one way to deny the current worldwide economic strangulation and energy suppression in our 21st century
modern science world - and that is to proclaim energy science has become totally stupid ................. as exemplified by our freedom of transportation and income inequality, controlled by the gambling joint on
Wall Street.

Without a free science, these poor folks

referenced below do not have a glimmer of

hope in succeeding. 

Occupy S.F. protesters block banks 1/20/12

(CBS/AP) SAN FRANCISCO - Hundreds of protesters clad in rain gear marched through downtown Friday evening - one of several events in a day of action organized by Occupy San Francisco and other allied groups on the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, which removed limits on how much money corporations could spend on political campaigns.;cbsCarousel  

Social tensions growing in U.S. between rich,

poor  (AP) WASHINGTON - Tensions between the rich and poor in the U.S. are increasing and at their most intense level in nearly a quarter-century, a new survey shows. Americans now see more social conflict over wealth inequality than over the hot-button topics of immigration, race relations and age.  

We have barely glimpsed the full scope of Energy Evolution and applications


The People's Choice in a True Democracy:
  • Move forward toward Energy & Human Evolution
  • or continue the Backwards Evolution March

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