Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Most Basic, Fundamental, Right of FREEDOM

The Most Basic, Fundamental, Right of
Is one’s need to know, to be informed

LIVING ECONOMIES are possible only if people are informed. Had our concept of energy (E=MC2) not stagnated for over 100 years, we would not be experiencing energy and economic crisis’s. There are other non-destructive means to access nuclear energies for the benefit, health, and prosperiety of evolving Life.
Today, a UNITED FRONT is called for to address and solve the dangerously stagnant and inadequate concepts of energy and economics so necessary for evolutionary survival and sustainable prosperity. For many, the option to “drive a field propulsion/antigravity vehicle” (partial testing confirmed in the 1940’s) is a natural choice over nightmare traffic jams, while reverting back to normal, LIVING, EVOLVING, ECONOMIES is a survival necessity.
The following links present an excellent synopsis of the issues and solutions that all must address. The “need to know”, the “right to know” is the most basic, fundamental right of FREEDOM and SURVIVAL.
Once informed, a United Front would quickly bring to fruition the solutions presented in the links below:
The Promise of Energy for Everyone: Video -The George Washington University’s Planet Forward
Voices of the Breakthrough Energy Movement - Fernando Vossa
Living Economies


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