Sunday, September 16, 2012

Looking Beyond The Illusion

What is your vision for the future?
Looking Beyond The Illusion

As world events develop before our eyes more and more of us are asking...
‘What on earth is really going on?’
What does New Energy promise the future?
Another physicist speaks out
·        The restoration of balance to the Ecology
·        The freedom to pursue expansive economic development without       marginalizing people or denuding culture
·        Political stability and the hope of true world peace
·        Radical clarification of theoretical physics leading to a new era of innovation and social advancement
·        Psychological and spiritual renaissance

The George Washington University’s Planet Forward: The Promise of Energy for Everyone Video

Greater Awareness TV 

Thomas Campbell author of My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything) is a qualified & very experienced nuclear physicist, and an expert on consciousness. His work is no small read bearing in mind it literally covers EVERYTHING. It is however written in a way that allows the reader to process the information at different levels of understanding based on their willingness, and ability to absorb new information whilst putting on hold their current beliefs.

David Korten (BK Currents Panel) What is Your Vision for the Future
The contemporary, tiny E=MC2 box of understanding no longer fits in our 21st century science and will continue to promote more and more conservation, limitation, with lethal and unbalanced biological and ecological system reactions, as our world population exponentially explodes in numbers. Limitation and Conservation of the infinite defies common sense, intelligence, wisdom and understanding.
My vision and vote would be for a science and economy FOR LIFE, which currently is not on the political/corporate EBITDA agenda.

What is your vision for the future?

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