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THERE IS A BETTER WAY - The motion to dissolve the darkness of ignorance and limitation


The motion to dissolve the darkness of ignorance and limitation

From Belief to Knowing to Implementation

Expanding the box, the window to Reality is a Survival Requirement in both Physics and Economics - the New Models are in progress

Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever. - Deepak Chopra

Richard Gerber, in his Vibrational Medicine, perhaps still expresses the most encyclopedic volume of scientific facts relating to the necessity of expanding our boundaries for survival. The flat earth concept did not end with round world. Issac Newton’s principles to Einstein’s relativity and quantum mechanics did not end with the miniscule grasp of relativity and E=MC2. The full local to global view of Reality, a point of view to a viewing point, has not yet entered its infancy stage.

The necessity of a “the radius of curvature” delineating our perception and application of reality, specifically as the degree of energy, space, time, and size differentials vary significantly (as in flat earth), have their corollaries  in our misperception of economics, the economies of scale – as will be pointed out - Especially to the fact that EVERYTHING REQUIRED TO SUSTAIN LIFE WORLDWIDE cannot be owned by a few, to do as they please, unregulated, creating their own laws, given personhood with no “ten commandments”, flourishing year after year with record breaking infinity of profits and wealth, ……… seven billion people worldwide slowly strangle economically.

As the full scope of E=MC2 moves toward the application of the Promise of Energy for Everyone ..........
 The promise, of a future foretold a half century ago for today: Appleby's world, "a world where he never had to pay a power bill, where heating and cooling were free of energy costs, where his water was pure and veggies local and fresh, and where a four hour work day allowed him ample spare time to indulge in his writing fantasies. Outside, the air was fresh and the streets clean. Everyone had a job, and in this world-the real world-there were no clandestine powers holding back progress. All received a fair share for their efforts" An Impossible World? Excerpt from The Energy Solution Revolution by Brian O'Leary
……..we will begin to understand Deekak Chopra, M.D. (1989), who wrote in Quantum Healing, "There is no more beautiful experience than when the world expands beyond its accustomed limits. These are moments when reality takes on splendor." This expansion beyond our accustomed limits is profoundly surmised by Dr. Wayne Dyer, number three on the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders today in the following video presenting our contemporary understanding of the spiritual nature of life, consistent with the cutting edge findings of our biological, physical and mental sciences.

I might add on the subject of belief, aside from personal experience, taking the concept of BELIEF from HOPING to KNOWING, can be overwhelmingly attained, in the twinkling of an eye, with the expanded version of E=MC2, overriding our currently shallow concept of ENERGY that is causing the ever-tightening chokehold, limitation, constriction and control on our future.

Releasing and promoting advanced science facts and application in energy evolution, opening the doors to unlimited potential, sustainability, and prosperity for all, can certainly assist “believing” in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s presentation.
·        The Promise of Energy for Everyone
·        The George Washington University’s Planet Forward: The Promise of Energy for Everyone Video
·        A Power Point Introductory Presentation
·        Book: The Energy Solution Revolution

The motion to dissolve the darkness of
ignorance and limitation

The contemporary, dangling puppets on a string “freedom” concept, will enlarge to a greater concept of freedom, as the light shines further into the darkness of ignorance, revealing ever greater knowledge, perception, wisdom and understanding of our evolutionary nature.  

Eliade (1957) in The Sacred and Profane refers to a desacralized society as devoid of meaning, purpose, possessing nothing to guide humanities attitudes and actions. Where events, work, economics are justified only by pleasure and profit, where cyclic time becomes terrifying and the view of existence a pessimistic struggle and a desperate clinging, grasping, searching for the ultimate trivia in the search for identity, Ignoring the slow agonizing deaths of billions of men, women and children stemming from starvation, poverty, disease, malnutrition, war, pollution, lack of medical, sanitation, water, with constant depreciation of wages and benefits, retirement reaching toward 100 years of age, in the 21st Century - caused by a diseased, out of control, dinosaur-like economic gambling system, perpetuating scientific stagnation in energy innovation and awareness of the basic tenets, criterions, necessary for evolutionary survival and sustainability.
 The current tiny E=MC2 box of understanding does not fit in our 21st century science and will continue to promote more and more conservation, limitation, with lethal and unbalanced biological and ecological system reactions, as our world population exponentially explodes in numbers..
Limitation and Conservation of the infinite defies common sense, intelligence, wisdom and understanding.
As we observe and experience the miracles of nature, as in a tiny, lightweight tree seed designed to hug the ground in winds of over 200 mi/hr, it becomes clear that this “intelligent, (some call it non intelligent chance occurrence”) creation in process, would not create a species designed to choke all life.

Since the limitation is not in the structure of the brain, ………….. we will allow the reader to conclude the factors repetitiously causing the “rise & fall” of civilizations.

Could this be the result of:
John Taylor Gotto - New York Teacher of the Year wrote "Dumbing Us Down"


Emmy award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz are releasing a documentary called "American Winter: A Documentary About a Country In Search of Its Promise." The film focuses on the personal stories of families in Portland, OR who are feeling the immensely crushing weight of the 2008 economic collapse. Many of these families never thought they'd be in the dire situation in which they find themselves


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